A message from our President & Chief Operating Officer, Robert Kaebnick


As the nation comes together to slow the spread of COVID-19, Hartzell Air Movement is operating at full capacity.  We are fulfilling our responsibility to provide high quality air moving equipment, to create safe work environments to essential industries and workers critical to the fighting the virus.  But first, I want to express my deepest sympathies to all our representatives, customers, their families, and their communities who have been personally impacted by Covid-19. For those with family members who are first responders, doctors, nurses, researchers, and public servants who have given every ounce of their spirit to help the world meet this crucial need, we Thank You for your heroic service!

Hartzell Air Movement is a 6th generation family company and that family extends to our employees and their families. Keeping our workforce safe during this pandemic is my personal priority.  Some of the precautions taken to keep our teammates safe include working remotely, physically distancing in the plant, increased routine cleaning of work stations and facilities, temperature checks, personal sanitization/cleaning supplies, and much more.  We have also introduced additional and more flexible leave programs to ensure people have the resources and support to care for themselves and their families during this unprecedented time. 

Hartzell supplies industrial fans, blowers, and parts to essential industries that are critical to the fight such as waste water, pulp & paper, chemical, food processing, energy, and more. These industries are experiencing unparalleled strains on their capacity.  They depend on Hartzell’s high quality fans and blowers to keep their operations running around the clock.  Here’s how we are helping now and in the future:

  • Converted our Hartzell Rapid Ship Program into a Covid-19 task force to prioritize and expedite projects that directly/indirectly support the fight by providing the shortest lead-times.
  • Prioritized orders for major food processing and fresh meat companies in the Midwest to ensure they can continue operations and secure supply chains to grocery stores nationwide.
  • Delivered critical fans and blowers to waste water treatment plants and municipalities across the U.S. and assisted with installation and start-up to ensure they are operational ASAP.
  • Utilized our fan expertise and engineering experience to design custom ventilation equipment for essential industries to support those on the front line fighting this pandemic.  

There is no mistaking the difficulty of this pandemic and yet I have been inspired by the unity I have seen across the country and the global community. Over the last 145 years of doing business, the Hartzell Team has always chosen to meet big challenges head on and this one is no different. Take care of yourselves and each other and please reach out to Hartzell or your local Hartzell Sales Representative for more information regarding our products, engineering experience, or custom capabilities. We are here to serve during these most challenging and unprecedented times.