Market Challenges

Designed to perform best in the most caustic and corrosive chemical environments

We proactively leverage our creative design and savvy application expertise to provide products and solutions that combat your most pressing operational challenges.

Chemical Industry Market


Personnel safety protocol is THE #1 factor in a chemical facility—from less than optimal internal air quality and the risks of severe reaction to corrosive or caustic gases—as well as performing routine maintenance.


Adequate air movement fans and blower equipment must be designed to work effectively and reliably, day after day. Avoiding any performance degradation can be critical to maintaining operational uptime.


Because of the caustic and corrosive environments inherent in chemical facilities, stringent regulations must be met to avoid violations and fines.

Personal safety protocols in caustic air quality environments

Market Solutions

Rugged design for the most caustic, corrosive and dangerous chemical market applications

For engineers and maintenance managers—who won’t tolerate (or risk) poor-performing air movement systems in chemical plant applications—Hartzell delivers. Hartzell fans and blowers consistently and continuously meet the air movement requirements of the harshest applications. We apply the right fan design and components upfront. Designing, manufacturing and matching complementary components ensures a stable, reliable system to achieve and exceed air movement specifications and regulations.

Hartzell products are designed to reduce downtime in chemical applicationsHartzell products are designed to maximize performance in chemical applications

The right products and solutions for chemical applications

Hartzell designed these featured products to withstand tough chemical applications.